Saturday, October 4, 2008


Today is the second day of the week- Star Day (Saturday)

safu =zero
wahu =one.......... wahu ashu =eleven
athu =two............athu ashu =twelve
thalu =three..........thalu ashu =thirteen
rabu =four............rabu ashu =fourteen
khamu =five.........khamu ashu =fifteen
satu =six..............satu ashu = sixteen
sabu =seven.........sabu-ashu =seventeen
tamu =eight.........tamu ashu =eighteen
tasu =nine...........tasu ashu =nineteen
ashu =ten

athunu =twenty...........athunu wahu=twenty one... etc
thalunu =thirty............thalunu wahu=thirty one.... etc
rabunu =forty.............rabunu wahu=forty one.... etc
khamunu=fifty............khamunu wahu=fifty one.... etc
satunu =sixty.............satunu wahu=sixty one.... etc
sabunu =seventy........sabunu wahu=seventy one...etc
tamunu =eighty..........tamunu wahu=eighty one.... etc
tasunu =ninety...........tasunu wahu=ninety one.... etc

mayu=hundred...........wahu mayu =one hundred
afu=thousand.............wahu afu =one thousand

wahan =first
athan =second
thalan =third
raban =fourth
khaman =fifth
satan =sixth
saban =seventh
taman =eight
tasan =ninth
ashan =tenth

Wednesday, October 1, 2008



Saakum liyya wahed sena menu a'luj fasulaat fi Athens, henak kulena baz ghayuraat ila laghutnaa Nuwaupuyee wa Tagwumnaa. Enen sofa hessa naklenua saamus paa Gadum Tamareye Tagwum ash tadmun shil thalu meya satedeen yawumaat za-ud khamu yawumaat li paa weldataat shil paa Nezderu Aset, Asaru, Nebthet, Sutukh wa Har. Dek nafun na thalu meya satedeen khamu yawumaat fi kull. Tah Yawum hessa begu' paa wahan(?) yawum shil paa usbu' wa Re Yawum kalun paa Shabut.

Greetings Family! According to one brother who attends classes in Athens, there have been some changes to our language Nuwaubik and our Calender. We will now be using the Ancient Tamarean Calendar which consists of 360 days plus 5 for the birth of the Nezderu Aset, Asaru, Nebthet, Sutukh and Haru. That gives us 365 days in all. Friday now begins the first day of the week with Sunday being the Sabbath.

Hen atha paa Ghayuraat saakum liyya sena Doqel

wahu= one wahu ashu=eleven
athu= two athu ashu=twelve
thalu= three thalu ashu=thirteen etc

khamu= five
satu= six
sabu= seven
tamu= eight
tasu = nine
ashu= ten


(the following are not given…only what I reason)

Jadud Harufaat (New Letters): Zd, Dj, Dz, Pt or Ph, Ch and Sch.

Yawumaat shil paa Usbu’ (Days of the Week)

Najum Yawum (Saturday) =Star “Stellar” Day
RE Yawum (or Shabut Yawum, Sunday)= Sun Day "Solar"
AH YAWUM = "MOON DAY"(Monday) -"Lunar"
Khaman YAWUM = 5th Day (Tuesday)
Saban Yawum = 7th Day (Thursday)

Jadud Tagwum-New Calendar
The calendar is 360 days + 5 days for birthdays of Paa Nazdiru (Aset, Asaru, Sutukh, Nebthat, Har)
The year is divided into 3 parts. Akhet" Inundation", Peret" Emergence" and Shemu "Harvest

(Please contact the Ancient Egiptian Order for further information)


Raahubaat Hau,I am a little behind this week, some of my notes are missing, so it's not as detailed as last week.This is what i have remembered, again pls don't quote me as they are not written verbatim.

Ashug,Milkah xx (Kebehut)

It was once again asked of us to stop writing BABA with negativity about others etc, he will not respond to those letters. Some of us have also been writing too frequently which will back up his entire mail including the legal mail so please please stop doing that. The legal mail will is very important of course and if there is alot of mail then it will delay his receipt of information that is pertinent to his case.Also the staff handling the mail must read every single letter, and may become irate if there is so many and they will take it out on him. Please be mindful of what you write, do not mention anything to do with business etc.The (ing) ie:doing, working, etc...words are frustrating for BABA, he wants to get out he said it is so simple we are the ones that are keeping him in there, we have to come together and unify and stop the emotional issues with one another.They actually want us to come and get him, they are fed up and want us to follow through with the legal fight. We have such a strong case, they just don't want to look stupid, but they do want us to come for him.BABA is disappointed in our behavior. He said, what’s the point of having the family guide if nobody is using it, we don't follow what it says in there. The words were ' We have lost The Family Guide'.Don't think that because we are doing things away from the light of others, that he does not know, he is very disappointed that we continue to do the wrongs we do (we know what it is we do within ourselves).BROTHERSBABA is also very disappointed in the Brothers, he said he does not even know how they were able to get close to him, if it was the other way around and they came for one of our brothers, it would have been messy, should not have been so easy. Not gonna say what word they said was used but it begins with a Pu _ _ _ _ s!!!Also not pleased how the brothers have let sisters be out there in jobs some two or three jobs, this is not how it should be. How things were when he was home, the sisters were in the offices working on the in/outformation working internally for the family/nation. While the brothers were out there TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS.Sisters should not be out there working, the single sisters also, like it was in community living, we all took care of each other. Women and children need protecting.Sisters who are in a situation where you may be the breadwinner while your mate remains unemployed, need to see that there is a problem, if he is physically able to work then he should be doing so!There was mention of symbols (PASS KEY CODE) people have received - no details on how - FOR THOSE WHO KNOW instructions were given on what to do with them.. FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW, IT WAS FIRMLY ADVISED NOT TO ASK, THE TIME FOR YOU WILL BE AT THE RIGHT TIME, NO SOONER, SO DON'T ASK, IT IS NOT FAVORABLE AND YOU COULD MESS THINGS UP FOR YOURSELF BY ASKING.The WHITE PYRAMID also needs to built way before 9-9-09, this is in reference to us getting our tones, we need to have this done and have BABA home, or else it's a wrap!***THE SISTERS WERE TALKING ABOUT THE VISIT BUT WERE TALKING MORE ON THE TIME FACTOR AND HOW WE NEED TO BE THINKING AND PLANNING AND DOING. PEOPLE SHOULD BE THINKING HOW BEST TO COME TOGETHER IN YOUR AREAS, PERHAPS IN GROUPS LIVING TOGETHER ETC. THIS WAS A SUGGESTION COMING FROM THE SISTER AS TIMES ARE GETTING REAL DIFFICULT WITH THE GAS CRISIS ETC, WE NEED TO PULL OUR RESOURCES AND TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER, WE ARE TOO DIVIDED, WITH PAYING INDIVIDUAL MORGAGES/RENT/GROCERY & BILLS. PLUS IT IS SAFER ESPECIALLY FOR THE CHILDREN.***Also, it was said that the GREAT BALLS OF FIRE are on their way already, so for those who thought this planet may not have to face that, Sadly there is no turning back, they have ALREADY STARTED THE JOURNEY....HOTEP..Tawuhaat Sista!!!
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ila Kull Anushaat-To All Women

To All Women

It’s time to take a stand; you are the secret that was being kept secret
Before his-tory, you signed a contract with Nature to keep it balanced
In return they gave you total power over this planet
The contract has been broken, due to the mental and physical abuse by men
And or the children you gave birth to
What man did not love a woman since the day he was born?
You had so much affection and emotion that you lost focus of your agreement
Now Mother Nature with the help of the Ancient Ones, is taking control now
Not asking but taking control
Look at the weather; the animals themselves are confused; when to eat or sleep
Some just run out in front of cars and are killed
However by grace and mercy of Anu
You can reverse this by getting back in tune with Nature
And resign your contract
You have the power to save the planet
You must act now before it’s too late

PAA 24 ZAGUNATAAT-The 24 Eldres

The Twenty Four Elders